Wheel Rebuilds

Destroyed your rim but have a perfectly good hub to work with?

Raild has you sorted! We've rebuilt hundreds of wheels for customers all over Australia. Simply post us your hubs and we will send you back fresh wheels laced onto your DT Swiss rim of choice.  This includes rim, new DT Comp spokes and DT black brass nipples. 

Rebuilds are generally around $330, and we hold stock of plenty of rims and spokes so are typical turnaround time is 2 business days from receiving hubs. We've heard that many LBS' are struggling to get hold of stock right now - as we specialise in wheels, we don't have that problem :). 

To prepare your hubs for posting to us, first remove brake discs and cassette, and then cut the rim off with a bolt cutter. Your LBS should be able to assist, it takes about 3 minutes with the correct tools. 

Please text us to discuss further and book your hubs in for some fresh hoops.

Eugene - 0411 588 390

Tom - 0423 176 446