Forbidden Druid V2 MX (Mullet)

Forbidden Druid V2 MX (Mullet)

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High pivot witchcraft. 

Rhys Verner piloted this supposed `trail' bike to a 2nd place in the 2023 EDR (formerly EWS) round at Maydena. For anyone who's ridden there, you know this is some serious terrain. High-pivot takes a fun, snappy 130 bike and gives it the chops for serious trails. The perfect one-bike quiver, to enjoy your local trails to their best and then smash for shuttles in Tassie or Thredbo. 

The major differences to the V1 Druid include the following:

- The rearwards axle path of the Druid is less extreme, which means that the frame doesn't exhibit strange behaviours at full compression or when going off drops.

The following graph shows you the axle path as travel compresses. The purple line is the new V2 Druid. 

- Horst link on the rear triangle, allowing for lower anti-rise numbers. This means more active suspension under braking, perfect for late braking into dusty berms at the bike park. 

- Most bearings are now pressed into the linkage, which is easily removable. They all have additional weather seals, and Forbidden athletes are reporting fresh bearings after 3500km of riding. 

And many, many more. You can read more on the official page at:

This listing is for the MX `mullet' version. You can find our listing for the full 29' verision here

Frames come with the new, awesome Rockshox Super Deluxe Ultimate. 

We offer amazing build kit bundles, which are almost always better value than buying a complete. Save money, and choose the parts you'd like. You'd expect nothing more at Raild. Give us a call to learn more. 

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